By: Isabella Alleva and Emily Voicu, Grade 6

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Academy

Hope is a feeling you get when you believe something good is about to happen. Hope is never giving up and trusting a situation will turn out positive in the end. Hope can bring us joy and relief about a situation. Staying positive and thinking on the bright side helps us create a sense of hope or faith. Positive messages, such as “we will get through this” or “this is going to pass” can help give us hope. A clean and healthy mindset is helpful to persevere during even the darkest times. 

Hope can offer us another way out of a situation. Currently, scientists and other medical professionals are working on a cure to help those infected by Covid-19. This will keep every citizen safe. These professional medical workers will not stop their work until they have found a solution for the global pandemic. Out first responders are also a source of hope. They are helping to prevent the spread of Covid-19, they are doing so by stopping large gatherings, making sure people are wearing masks, and staying indoors when necessary.

            Hope can calm you down when you find yourself in tough situations. Without hope, people tend to think there is a dark cloud over their heads. When you think that, it can also cause people around you to feel that way. That is why we all need hope to stay strong, remain positive, and get through everything we possibly can as a whole. 

            Hope is sometimes not enough. We need to have a belief in God that He will provide us with the strength we need to face any storm. Prayer is an excellent way to grow closer to God, and lean on him during times of crisis. Our churches may be closed, but we can still pray from home and trust that God is listening.   Placing our faith and hope in God can transform our lives.