By:  Eric Stalzer and Michael McConville, Grade 6

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Academy

          What is hope? Hope is a state of mind where you feel strongly that something positive will happen. People need hope to make them feel safe and envision a better future. We can find hope during the coronavirus by calling friends and family members to keep in touch. It helps to stay busy and finding a hobby that you like is a great start. Adults have to focus on the difficult things like work, money and  taxes. It’s not very fun. Children can use their imagination and provide a creative outlet which will help alleviate some of that stress adults have. 

            Keeping busy when you’re at home means finishing a small project that you have started but never got to finish. If you need a break from technology, you could crack open a book and start reading. Since we have a lot more time on our hands you have a lot of time to do things. You can start new hobbies, continue old hobbies or do something else. Write a book, plant something, build something, draw something, the list goes on and on. Something that our class is doing is keeping a journal so one day we can look back and remember this time. 

            Some days are easier than others. During the difficult days we can find  hope by praying to God and reflecting on his promises. Prayers provide us with a sense of comfort and peace, granting us hope that things or situations will improve. God is the greatest part of our lives, he is always there for us, ready to offer his guidance and strength to get us  through these hard times, we just have to listen. 

            There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, so never give up. 

            Hope is what will get you through it all.