The Tablet Jr. > October, 2021

By Keiryn Drakes, Grade 8

Giving back to the community is really important. We are very lucky to have a roof over our heads and food on the table. People fail to realize that some people in our community are not as fortunate as us. The community has done so much for me and lots of people. I think we can all come together and help the unfortunate people of our own communities. We have so many little and big ways to complete this mission. At Our Lady Of The Snows Catholic Academy, we take part in this mission by participating in something called “Human Concerns”.  The entire school takes part in human concerns to help others. Every first Friday of the month students pay $1 to dress down. In addition, students also donate a can of food to the hungry and less fortunate citizens of the community. On this Friday we wear different colors on dress-down days depending on the significance of that month. For example, in October we wear pink for breast cancer awareness. The proceeds from this event went to the Breast Cancer Organization.  All proceeds go to different charity organizations each month. This has been a school tradition for years. Another tradition is that OLS classes have assigned grandparents.  Each class has two grandparents. On every holiday and birthday, even just to check up on sometimes,  students send thoughtful cards to their grandparents. These cards are really impactful to the grandparents because they most likely have no family left. We are like their grandkids. They look forward to seeing lots of cards for them in the mail. We want them to know that they truly mean something to us. Another way we give back to the community at Our Lady Of The Snows is by writing cards to veterans. Every once in a while students design cards and write messages of gratitude to our retired soldiers then send them out. The message we try to convey is how thankful we are for what they did for our country. The last of many things Our Lady of the Snows does for the community is the annual coat drive. Students are asked to bring in a lightly used coat during the wintertime. 

Giving back to the community means so much to me for many reasons. The main reason is that I put myself in the “shoes” of those less fortunate. My dad always says, “There but for the grace of God go I”.  I feel empathy for them and it makes me think how hard life must be for them. OLS wants us to be like Jesus and put others before ourselves and be leaders. That’s why our motto is  “Turn today’s learns into tomorrow’s leaders”. I do my part in helping the community. You can do yours no matter how small your contribution is. 

Keiryn Drakes