By Natalie Cercado, Grade 6
St. Adalbert Catholic Academy

       The forgiveness you seek is found inside and throughout the world.  All you have to do is touch the truth for forgiveness. Everywhere you look you see forgiveness. Forgiveness means committing to an offer to a person a second chance. When you give someone a second chance you are opening a new opportunity to rebuild a relationship with that person who did wrong.  Although some may think that forgiveness is not very common, you can be the change needed to prove those people wrong. But most feel ashamed for what they have done wrong. 

      A time when forgiveness was expressed or demonstrated was when you are having a sleepover at your friends house and you are playing a game but the other person is being careless because they don’t like playing that game. They had a sleepover because one of the friends recently just moved and this would be the last sleepover in a while. This happened when all the parents were helping to package their materials for their new home. Another time when someone was forgiven was when God forgave this whole world because if we sinner like a lot he always forgives us. He even forgives the people that don’t believe in the one true God or disobey him. He forgave the people who hurt him and disobeyed the one true God. A quote that God’s forgiveness shows is…. 

     “Before you judge someone, stop and think about all that God has forgiven you for.”

      Another time when forgiveness was demonstrated was when a boy had a birth defect. Everybody in his class was always making fun of him and bullying him. But when one kid got in trouble by his father he realized what he was doing was wrong and decided to stop. First, the kid that got in trouble apologizes. He realizes that is not taihow God taught him.  He gives him a second chance just like Jesus forgives everybody for choosing the wrong path. Over all the story turned out perfect. He made so many new friends.