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By Vincent Angeles and Krishna Itwaru, Gr. 8

Vincent AngelesEvery day, people are being brutally injured in times of war or crisis. Some feel like there is no escape, but others can find only one solution: their faith. One example can be the Syrian Civil War. One of the cities destroyed, Aleppo, has united its population to rebuild with the Aleppo More Beautiful initiative, creating faith for the Catholics and Muslims that inhabit the city.

“We struggle with love for our martyred city with the desire to promote reconciliation,” said Father Ibrahim Alsabagh of the Latin Parish of Aleppo. “The Latin Parish – adds Fr. Ibrahim – has also taken care of the project costs and has bought all the equipment needed.”

This just goes to show that all the people there are devoted and are willing to help others, regardless of their religion, and the Christians there are showing their faithfulness by sacrificing their time and effort for the glory of God.

“Also, we realized from the very outset that this initiative is a good opportunity to retrieve or renew that wonderful mosaic that is our society,” adds Father Alsabagh.

Krishna ItwaruThe initiative to remake Aleppo is a symbol that will represent how no faith is to be used to justify war, but should be used as a source of peace and coexistence. Statements like these provide examples how faithfulness helps in times of violence and conflict.

Any war-torn country should always follow this example, no matter what the consequences are, or will be. Father Alsabagh and the rest of the “Make Aleppo Beautiful” initiative are reorganizing the city, and also uniting people in faith. This initiative doesn’t believe that religion sets a difference, and many countries should give just the same treatment.

Although many believe that there is a difference between these two religions, their faith guides them to reach a point of a peaceful coexistence. As long as initiatives like these exist, then the world will hit a figurative achievement to reach worldwide peace.

This initiative is strongly related to our faith, as we know that God wants us to unite together, no matter the difference of religious beliefs and surrounding conflict. We are his children, and us, as Christians, are supposed to do God’s work to spread His word and teachings, and the people that are helping to rebuild the church in Aleppo give a very good example of answering God’s call and spreading good.

Photo Taken by: Latin Parish Of St. Francis, Aleppo, Syria


Photo Taken by: Latin Parish Of St. Francis, Aleppo, Syria