The Tablet Jr. > April, 2021

 By George Koulmentas, Grade 5

Tips for a Successful Life

George KoulmentasSelf-awareness and self-control are issues that all people struggle with. Self-awareness can be defined as knowing who you are. Self-control is the ability to control yourself especially when feeling stressed. A person can develop in both these areas with daily practice and commitment to change. 

Ways to achieve self-awareness

Self-awareness can be achieved in several different ways. One way to develop self-awareness is by learning a new skill. A new skill allows one to become more aware. It forces us to think and act in new ways that are out of our comfort zone. An example of learning a new skill for me is learning to speak Greek. Because I am still learning, I am not as confident at speaking Greek as I would in a month or two. As I keep practicing, I will fluently speak Greek. 

Paying attention to things that bother you is another way to become self-aware. The things that other people do that bother us can sometimes be a reflection of what we do. By being aware of these things we can change them. Being aware of someone nagging me makes me realize I don’t like it and I will try not to do it to someone else. 

Taking time to decide what is important to you is another way to become self-aware. When you do things that are important to you, you waste less time and you feel good about it because you want to do it. With myself, I am aware that I enjoy building Legos more than doing homework. 

Developing self-control

Developing self-control can be hard, but with time and practice, it can be achieved. Ways to develop self-control include having a positive can-do attitude about things. Believing in yourself and being positive helps you make good decisions. You are in control of what happens to you. An example of a can-do attitude is when we believe winners don’t quit, if they quit they would never win. 

Another way to develop self-control is by setting goals we can reach. Having goals gives us a reason to work hard and try our best. You need to be in control of yourself in order to stay on track and reach your goals. If my goal is getting onto the principles list in school, I will work hard and feel proud when my goal is achieved. 

Lastly, being motivated by something helps develop self-control. When you have motivation for your goals you are more likely to reach them. Being motivated means moving forward even when things are hard. My family motivates me to do well in school so I work to make them proud. 

Self-awareness and self-control are things we work on all the time. Having awareness and control allows us to make good decisions in our lives. They are important and help us grow.