By:  Sofia Tavares, Grade 7

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Academy

The world knows the whole news about the Coronavirus Pandemic. Malls, salons, schools, and so much more are all closed because of this Pandemic. Essential Workers like First responders, mechanics, and grocery store owners still must report to work each day. Restaurants are take out or delivery only.  It feels as though the world is shut down. School has continued through online or “distance” learning. Seniors can’t have a proper graduation. Weddings won’t happen. Everyone is isolated in their homes to protect themselves from the virus.  My question is how can we still have some sort of hope in the middle of a global crisis? Believe it or not, I still have hope for all of this madness to clear up. And that hope all came to be with the power of faith. 

This whole pandemic has hit some families pretty hard, and I can relate. A few weeks ago my dad went to the hospital because he was feeling sick. He wanted to get tested for the virus, and it turns out that he himself had the virus. He had to isolate himself from the people he lives with. They would have to give him medicine and food with gloves and masks. One day he decided that it was time to tell my mom that he had the virus. When my mom found out, she called me over and told me. When I heard the words, “Your father has the virus”, I didn’t know how to react. That whole day it was just stuck in my head that my father had Covid-19. Later that night, I cried. The last time I had seen my father was months back. I realized then that when you’re with someone, don’t waste time fighting and arguing, take some time to have fun with that person because time is valuable and you never know if that was your last moment with them. 

I started to pray everyday for my dad to get better and so did other people. Now, he can finally talk and sound normal. I had a lot of hope that he was going to be alright. So that was good news, but I also got some bad news. About two weeks ago, I found out a pretty close family friend passed away due to an accident. I was very sad because I have known her since I was a baby. So I prayed for her soul because I know that she was a good person with a good heart. 

All of this bad news taught me something. One of the life lessons it taught me was you should always have hope even when times are rough, because hope is one of the keys to finding the good. Even when going through tough times, hope will help people overcome the bad. In this pandemic, I see and hear the bad things and I have hope that God will help the world overcome all of the negativity of this pandemic. God will always shine his light for all of us to find it.