The Tablet Jr. > October, 2021

By Layla Rasa, Grade 8

Layla RasaHuman Concerns is significant to our school. We have tons of donations throughout the school year.

We have many donations at our school. No matter if it’s donated food, money, clothes, and for sure other items. One of our school’s donations ever since I was in Pre-K is called “My Mothers House. “ It is a donation that every grade has a specific item to bring in. About two or three years ago, one class brought in baby bottles; some brought diapers, clothes, toys, and many other necessities that mothers need for their children. One of the most known donations we have made was the Breast Cancer donation. We donate two dollars, and we wear pink to show some support.

Another donation we make at our school is called “Crazy Sock Day.” We would bring in two dollars and a pair of clean socks. Those clean socks that we donate, I think, go to a local homeless shelter. Another monthly thing that we do is have a dollar dress down and a food pantry every first Friday of the month. We would bring in a dollar and bring either boxed or canned foods. Anything is accepted, as long as it helps the community. Donations are essential to our school because we help those who need them most. Our school has many contributions and helps a lot towards the community.

This is not a donation or something towards charity, but we do this for about three weeks in November. It’s called “Thankful Thursdays.” One week we give a rose to our parents to thank them for how grateful we are for them. The following week we do “we are thankful for our teachers.” And the last week is “we are thankful for the students.”

But I’ll say, Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Academy helps those in need and cares for everyone. These small donations that we do can change someone’s life. Even if you just donate two dollars or give your mom a rose. I’m telling you it’ll make their day.