I have been using Mathletics as a supplement to my math curriculum for 3 years. We used it at Visitation prior to having access through the diocese. I cannot imagine not using Mathletics. It helps me differentiate instruction with a click of the mouse. In my 7th grade class, I have students working on grade 6 as well as grade 8 topics. It is easy to search through various curricula for content. It eliminates worksheets and eliminates my having to check students remedial or advanced work. I see the scores immediately and can reset tasks if there was a weakness. The students love the Live Mathletics where they compete with students from around the world. Talk about integrating academics – the students learn geography when they are competing internationally – a world map shows students the location of the country of the student they are competing against. Mathletics is a great resource for younger students to learn their math facts without drilling. Students are highly motivated to achieve points to use for their avatar. I also give the students their Mathletics awards at the Trimester Honor Awards Ceremony – for some students who do not achieve second, first, or principal list honors, it is a proud moment for them to get a math achievement award. I assign topics over the summer for students to maintain their skills – the best is no grading summer homework. Mathletics is a very big part of my math program – it is a great prep for the NYS tests. It includes both the NYS Math Curriculum and Common Core Curriculum. I have been very pleased with support also, someone always answers the phone and helps with any questions. I know Alex and Joe on a first name basis. I does take time in the beginning to incorporate any technology into the classroom. It helps if a faculty meeting is used to help teachers navigate the site and then they can help one another. Glad to write about a program that really has improved math skills for my students. Loretta

Loretta DeLorenzo

Visitation Academy