The Tablet Jr. > March 2022

By Sal Vakili, Grade 7

Sal VakiliA valiant person shows courage and determination in everyday life.Women haven’t been as equal as men throughout the dawn of time which is not fair because there are many powerful and valiant women. During women’s history month there were many women that were valiant, such as Rosa Parks, Anna Howard Shaw, Virginia Louisa Minor, Marie Foster, and Wilhelmina Kekelaokalaninui Widemann Dowsett. Those are just some of the valiant women that were important in history and there are many more.

There are a lot of women role models in one’s life but one of the most important ones is a person’s mother. Mothers are so smart and have courage to keep going by supporting the family and working everyday. Mothers show everyone love and affection, and inspire their children to do what they love and to never stop trying for the things they dream for. When one’s head is down or they’re upset with what happened recently or what happened that day, a mom always asks if things are ok and helps get through it. Mothers are valiant people. They show courage and determination in their children and family’s life.

Valiant can also be described as acting with bravery or boldness. In women’s history the first person that comes to mind is Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks was a valiant woman in history. She was discriminated against for being African American and was forced to sit in the back of the bus in 1955. Rosa sat in the front of the bus knowing that she could not do that but she still didn’t give up the seat to the white male, and then was later arrested for doing that action.This action was showing that she was a valiant women because she showed bravery by not giving up her seat to the man knowing that she will get into trouble and go to jail. Rosa made a big statement and made a difference in women’s history to all the women and made them realize that they can stand up for themselves and get their rights they deserve.

Another woman that can prove herself and show that women are very powerful is Ronda Rousy. People say that women aren’t strong or can’t play certain sports but she proves that she can play sports and that women are strong. She is a current MMA fighter whose record is 12-2-0, which is 12 wins 2 loses and 0 ties.She was one of the best women fighters in the league. She was very valiant because she was very determined to fight and win those fights and get a title throughout her mma career. She also had a lot of courage during her fights and to keep trying very hard every single day.

There have been many valiant women throughout history who have impacted so many lives. Women earned Women’s History by doing what people said that they couldn’t do.Women have made a big impact on the future of women and their lives today.