When hearing this quote James Corrigan immediately comes to mind.  Corrigan lives in Breezy Point, New York and is a graduate of St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy in Belle Harbor, New York.  He is the oldest of four children and 18 years of age. He attends and participates in mass each Sunday and is a Eucharistic minister.  When he was younger, he was an altar server and currently he is a junior lector. James Corrigan is a great Catholic role model.

When Corrigan graduated from St. Francis de Sales he won an award at graduation.  He received one of the four pillars which are: student of gospel, student of academic excellence, student of courage, and student of leadership.  He won the leadership award. He was chosen, because of his good character which was quite evident to his teachers. Corrigan showed his Catholic faith in and out of the classroom.  

After graduating 8th grade, he went on to Regis High School and carried his leadership quality along with him.  During his time at Regis, Corrigan joined the Pro-Life Club. He wanted to help spread the message of his faith which is that everyone has a right to life.  When asked the question why did you join the Pro-Life club he answered by saying, “It’s a passion of mine and protecting the lives of the most innocent is important to me.”  Corrigan and the other members of the Pro-Life Club attended the March for Life. Corrigan was president of this club.  

When he was only a sophomore he received a wonderful opportunity.  He was offered to be an intern on the Trump Campaign. Without thinking, James jumped at the offer!  He worked at Trump Tower in Midtown. He thought it would be awesome to support and work for the only Pro-Life candidate and maybe the future president.  Corrigan was the youngest intern working at the young age of 15!  

 Throughout Corrigan’s times at Regis High School he took part in many service activities.  In his sophomore year, he helped out at the St. Camillus Special Olympics Program where he played sports,  games, and did activities with special athletes. Later when he was a senior, he went to a Catholic grammar school five days a week and helped out in a classroom.  He did this for a whole trimester.  

When Corrigan was a senior in high school it was finally time to decide where he wanted to go to college.  He knew that he wanted to serve his country, so he decided to apply to the United States Naval Academy or do Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) at a  university. Corrigan said, “I wanted to go to the Naval Academy, because I wanted to serve my country. My Catholic values inside me has instilled a desire to serve others.”  He received an appointment to the Naval Academy! He is currently a plebe and will serve five years in the United States Navy after he completes his four years of college.

During his time at the Naval Academy, he decided to join the Knights of Columbus.  The Knights of Columbus were founded in 1882, and the men’s Catholic organization does charitable actions to help others in need.  Some of the many charitable acts that they have done are: the Coats for Kids Program and the Culture for Life Fund. Corrigan wanted to join the Knights of Columbus, because he wanted to join an organization to help him grow in his Catholic faith and serve others simultaneously.

Similar to St. Catherine of Sienna, Corrigan is a good Catholic role model.  The saints are role models that help bring us closer to God. Corrigan is a role model and leader in my life.  He is an example of serving God and others in the single vocation. It is imperative that young Catholics find role models who are living and leading in the Catholic faith, and I certainly have found mine. 

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