The Tablet Jr. > April, 2021 

By Valentina Delvecchio, Grade 4

Valentina DelVecchioI started taking dance lessons when I was two years old. At first, I didn’t like it. I had trouble keeping up with the dance teacher when she taught me the steps, some older kids laughed when I didn’t do it right. It made me want to give up. But I always dreamed of dancing in a recital like my sisters.

I spent the next few years practicing almost every day. It was not easy, but I was determined to do it. Many times other kids would ask me to play but I stayed and practiced in my basement instead. Many times I wanted to give up because I was not making any progress. Finally, it started to become fun for me because I was getting better.

It was a big day when my teacher had told me how good I was doing. After watching my sisters for many years, I was very close to being ready for my first big recital. It was a very exciting day when the teachers showed us the costumes we would be wearing. I could not wait to try the costume on. I was beginning to feel like a real dancer.

After months, and months of practice it was time for the dress rehearsal. I had been practicing my smile and my bows for so long. It was almost time for the big ballet recital. I practiced so much I was walking around the house on my tippy toes. On the day of the dress rehearsal, everything went wrong. The costumes didn’t fit and everyone was doing the dance out of order. The teacher told us not to worry about it because when the dress rehearsal is bad the recital is always good. I thought, well, this recital is definitely going to be good because the dress rehearsal flopped.

At last, it was time for the big show. We were all nervous standing behind the curtain on the stage. I snuck a peek outside and saw my family sitting in the first few rows. It made me feel more confident. I said to myself “I got this!” Just before the curtain went up I realized I was going to be in the front row. Finally, the curtains went up and the lights went on. When the music started we had the perfect routine. At the end of the recital, my family gave me flowers and was super proud of me! All my effort was worth it.