Finding joy while living in quarantine 

By: Stephany Espinoza

Grade: 6                                                

        Joy is something in life that occurs during small or big exciting moments. The definition of joy is “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.” It is a part of life that excites me and gives me happiness. Joy can be gained in many different ways. It doesn’t matter how big or small the moment that makes you happy is. Happiness can be achieved when we least expect it.through a big or small moment. Joy is greater than happiness and could also happen during a moment of hope. 

         Before the pandemic, the time that we are now living in with COVID-19, I used to spend a lot of time with my family. Me and my cousins used to see each other every weekend. My younger siblings usually joined us in whatever game we were currently playing. We used to have a lot of fun together and this gave me joy. But then COVID spread rapidly into New York. New York was put into quarantine and we couldn’t visit each other anymore. Would this ruin our good relationship together? Would this mean we couldn’t talk to or see each other anymore?

      While I was in quarantine, it was more difficult for me to do my schoolwork. Me and my entire family were facing difficult times. It was very difficult to stay home all day with my 2 younger siblings, my 1 older sister, and my mom and dad. We had to be using the internet and technology almost all day and we often had internet problems. Even though we weren’t able to see each other, I was glad that all my family members were safe. This gave me a lot of joy during those difficult times. My mom often FaceTimed my aunts, uncle, and grandmother (her mother) during the weekends. My younger siblings, my cousins, and I got to see and communicate with each other when our parents FaceTimed each other. This also gave my siblings, my cousins, and I joy.

      As I said earlier, joy is produced by small or big exciting moments or times in your life. You never know if your joy will end in a short period of time, or last a long time. You also never know where the excitement or joy comes from. I learned that joy could be produced by small moments in your life, such as talking to your family. You could get joy by reading a book, talking to a friend, talking or spending time with your family, and a lot more.