The Tablet Jr. > April, 2021

By Gabrielle Oliveri, Grade 5


Gabrielle OliveriThere is a new class at St. Filler, one that focuses on being a better person spiritually, through self-control, self-discipline, and well-being. Julie, the teacher, teaches them through puppets and whatnot, maybe a personal tale. Use dialogue.

“Did you hear the news?” Asked Ocean. “No,” said Kat. (Katherine). They were walking towards the new classroom. They saw a lady with a name tag saying “Julie” and she had a suitcase with a clear one with puppets really? Why in the world are there puppets?? They looked weird and creepy, and like they’re staring into my soul. Shivers down my spine. “Hello, I am your new teacher, Mrs.Julie”  she said. “Hi, Mrs.Julie” said Ocean and a few others. “Hi” I said nervously. But her eyes seemed so warm, and gently. “Let’s go inside” She said. Okay, I thought, only 40 minutes. “Is this mandatory?” I asked my friend. “Yeah, but if you don’t have to work on well-being, then you can leave.” Okay then I’ll leave as soon as I get there. Great. When we went inside a rainfall amount of color blasted in front of me. She told me we will be tested privately. “Let’s get started, Katherine Angelo,” she said. “Call me Kat” Then she took out a hideous puppet. Then she started talking into it.“You have a test tomorrow and you already know most of the things, you also know what’s going to be on it, what do you do?” “I study until the sun comes up,” I said.Why’s that?” “Because I need a good grade” “What if you have 100s” “I’ll still study”  “I see, you might think you’re getting good grades but you’re not doing it in a good way if you are hurting yourself.” Oh. I  think she saw the expression on my face because she put her creepy sock puppet away.  I tied my long light brown hair in a ponytail and she removed from her bag a piece of paper, with a note on it. “Give this to your parents,” she said. And then we were done.

When I walked out of the classroom I opened it anyway. And it said:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Angelo

It is aware of my attention that your daughter needs to work on well-being. I have lessons to help with some other kids. And I hope you find this letter well.

-Mrs. Julie Rose Elizabeth Johnson.

Oh. was my first thought I guess I could take this home, I guess I should not study until the sun comes up. Fine, I’ll go to Mrs. Julie Rose Elizabeth Johns- wow that’s a long name. But I’ll see how it goes. I ponder who’d else be in my class.