Instead of running off the homework packets, why not consider using the digital resource, EducationCity?  There are two ways you can approach giving assignments:

Self Selected Learning

If you do not want to assign specific skills, then keep it simple.  Give your students a minimum number of activities to complete and let them decide what they would like to learn about.  You can provide some boundaries by assigning a specific grade level and subject.  This is a great approach to build student motivation.  By giving students a choice, you are teaching them to take ownership of their learning.

Individualized Assignments

In order to give students individualized assignments, you can provide your students with a MyCity assignment.  With MyCities, you can assign your students specific Activities, Learn Screens, and Topic Tools that target areas they are most in need of practice.  You can set up the activities in a particular sequence.

Using EdCity for winter recess work is beneficial for the teacher as well as the students.  Students are engaged and motivated to complete work online.  Teachers are able to see results ASAP and have time to read and analyze the data.

-Submitted by:  Laura Hickey, Instructional Media Specialist