Dear Elementary and Secondary School Principals,

Below are the dates and general session themes for the 2014-2015 Earth2Class Workshops at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. The observatory is located approximately 20 miles from the New York City limits.  There is also a free shuttle service from upper Manhattan – information is provided on the web site listed below.

The web site home page has not yet been fully updated, but you can get more information about the schedule for the day, directions to the campus, etc., at  The web site contains a wide array of resources for middle school and high school earth science teachers.  It is worth surfing.

2014-2015 E2C Dates and Session Themes

9/20      Caroline Leland and Mukund Palat Rao—“Tree Rings and Climate Change”
10/11     LDEO Open House
10/25      Mike Kaplan—“Changing Glaciers of Patagonia”
11/22     Tim Kenna and Margie Turrin—“GEOTRACES: Marine Biogeochemical Cycles”
1/10         Alexis Berg—“Land and Atmosphere Interactions”
2/07        Taro Takahashi—“New Insights about Ocean Acidification”
3/07         Peter Keleman—“Rock Behavior Under High Pressures”
3/28:     Ben Bostick—“Arsenic in groundwater”
4/11        Dallas Abbott—“Impact Sites and Consequences in Russia”
5/11        Sonya Dyrhman & Sheean Haley—Microbes

The afternoon of the workshops will be devoted to providing time for teachers to develop lesson plans and activities collaboratively for these and other themes that will align with the Next Generation Science Standards and NYS Standards.  It should be noted that NYS has not adopted the Next Generation Science Standards to date, though it appears that NYS will adopt standards that reflect NGSS and NYS standards.  This remains to be seen.

Please share this information with your teachers:

Earth2Class Workshops for Teachers
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
Palisades, NY 10964

NESTA (National Earth Science Teachers Association)
President 2014 – 2016

Mr. Anthony Biscione
Senior Deputy Superintendent of Schools