A piece on letting joy be the light through our darkest times. 

By: Diandre Thomas 

Grade: 8


Joy brings the happiest feelings to a person. Joy cheers us up when we are sad or angry. Although it may be a feeling joy is much more than just a smile or receiving gifts on Christmas morning. Joy brings light in the darkest of moments. It allows us to be hopeful in moments that otherwise feel like they are so dreadful that we can not go on. Joy comforts us as people throughout our lives, in order to live the best life we can. We are reminded all of the time of how joy is a moment we all should look forward to. 

Of course my definition of joy is much different than that of my little sister. I find joy in many of the hobbies I have. Yet, this all changed once the pandemic hit. Joy seemed far away for many people. Life as we knew it changed, schools shut down. I was not able to see my friends anymore. I even missed my teachers! I think the only joyful thing that came out of the pandemic was that I was able to play video games and spend time with my family. 

Joy will help you in the worst of times. It can calm you down though when you are angry, which is a positive during a time of rage. It is funny how one of the most magnificent things in life like joy can come from the smallest things. I strongly believe that joy can bring us closer to God. By spreading the good news and showing those around us that God is always with us can bring joy to people who might be searching for it! 

I hope that the people who are reading this are inspired by my thoughts. That you may find it in your heart to get closer with God and share that joy with others. I am always grateful for the things and people I am surrounded by because of the joy in my life. It allows me to not be upset about the things that I can not control. I know that joy and God will always be there for me!