On Tuesday evening, I sat with my family and watched the season finale of “This is Us”. This hit television show has captured my heart as well as millions of viewers.  We started watching the show after hearing so much about it from friends and family. I have to admit we were hooked from the first episode!

Besides the amazing cast, directors and writing, this show is REAL. It deals with topics that make for great conversations within the family unit  and I believe within a class setting as well.

I read an article online  by Becky Roach from “Catholic-Link”.  It is not stating that the show aligns with our Catholic faith,  but rather addresses topics that allow us to share our faith and beliefs.  We need to talk to our children and our students.  They need to look at real life situations and share their thoughts, reflections, and ASK questions.

The Five Themes to Talk About in “This is Us”:

  1. MARRIAGE:  show the ups and downs of relationships.  What are the strengths and weaknesses of Jack and Rebecca’s marriage?  Which qualities should be emulated? Which qualities frustrate you?  Is every marriage perfect? What makes a marriage work?
  2. PARENTING:   How is family life valued on the show?  Is it hard for parents to teach their children lessons?  Does having God with you, help you be a better parent?
  3. GRIEF AND LOSS:  Many scenes showed grief and loss.  The triplet that was loss, Jack’s death, and William’s death. How do we continue going when we suffer?  Does our faith and love help us move on?  Is someone ever truly gone if they live in your heart?
  4. LIFE:   Discuss pro-life issues.  Rebecca speaks to her unborn children in the womb and Randall caring for his terminally ill father.  The show clearly shows a respect for life.  Why is this important?  Do we see incidents where people lack respect for human lives?
  5. ANXIETY AND STRESS:  are Real!  Discuss how others can help us when we are struggling. How can we handle stress in our lives?  How can we help others?  Who can you turn to if you have fear?

As educators and parents, it is important to recognize “teachable moments and opportunities”. Sometimes these momentsmoments present themselves  right in our own living room!

-Submitted by: Laura Hickey, Instructional Media Specialist