I have discovered summertime is the best time to dedicate to learning and professional development!  (no eye-rolling please) It is true and here is why!

One reason,  I  actually have the time.  I can look at those professional periodicals and books.  I can “play” with some resources and try them.  I can search for new material and try some new technology.  The second reason,  I’m excited to start a new year!  (again, no eye-rolling) Yes, I admit it…I love the start of a new school year.  The “newness” of the school supplies, backpacks, uniforms, and opportunity!!  It’s a time to start anew.  This is when my New Year’s Resolutions are made.  Each year I promise myself to try something new.

My challenge to you, is to join me.  Try something new whether it is technology, reward system,  work centers, etc. Think outside  the box…away from your comfortable level. Face your fears and worries- you always have support! (CTN is always her for you) And never forget, you came into Education with a dream to help children and to share your knowledge and love of learning.  They learn by example and modeling.  Teachers are lifelong learners.   Continue learning and sharing the experience with your students.

I would love to hear about your experiences with learning and Professional Development this summer.  Please share.

-Submitted by: Laura HIckey, Instructional Media Specialist