By Elizabeth Meade, Grade 6
St. Adalbert Catholic Academy

Is It Possible?:

     Although the act of forgiveness is hard to achieve, it is possible.  Some people in our world lack the skill of forgiveness. They often tend to hold what are called grudges. Some may say that these types of people have failed to learn the skill of forgiveness because they were not often forgiven. Others in our world have a great talent for forgiveness. They have learned to forget the previous and think of the upcoming memories. These people are blessed with the gift to not resent someone for their actions, more so to give that person a second chance.  

Second Chances:

     It can be very hard to undertake the burden of giving second chances. Having said that, forgiveness is a skill and not an inherited trait. Nonetheless it is an extremely hard thing to master.  For instance, forgiveness needs to be modeled by those around you in order for you to become more familiar with this skill. If you aren’t forgiven often, it may be a more difficult task to take. Despite its difficulty, the acts of forgiveness and giving second chances are built by the practice of compassion and mercy.


     Initially, most people are reluctant to forgive because they feel that they are letting the person who wronged them off the hook easily. However, one must remember that forgiveness does not mean excusing that person’s wrongful behavior but relieving the heavy emotional burden that holding on to what was done to you has caused you. When you decide not to forgive someone, you are only hurting yourself. Jesus understood that, and lived to forgive everyone

You Can Always Forgive:

     Jesus himself was the perfect advocate of forgiveness. Some may never forgave the people, but somehow he forgave them although they weren’t seeking his forgiveness. He saw that these people needed to be forgiven. He quoted “ Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” This quote is parallel to the topic of forgiveness because Jesus shows that with any kind of “obstacle” that is given to you, no matter the size, it is still possible to forgive.