Finding joy through our greatest gift, faith.

By: Logan Millan


I believe that joy is a good feeling caused from a separate force. What I mean is that a person can be naturally happy, maybe they are just in a happy mood, but if someone gives you something nice you get a sudden good feeling. That feeling is joy. Joy can be caused by many things depending on the person. Basically, many people get joy from different things. I receive my joy from God, and when I say God, I mean the Holy Trinity. 

I believe a lot of people receive joy from God, and I guess I do as well. It brings me joy to know that God the Father created me and is watching over me, that the Holy Spirit is within me, and that Jesus died for me and is watching over me as well. It brings me joy to know that God does all this for everyone. Almost every time I think of it, I get a feeling of joy. I also get a feeling of relief, like everything is okay which also causes joy. I get these feelings of joy every day, but how do I express my joy? 

I express joy depending on what causes it. For example, if I hear happy news, I might visibly express my joy with a smile or exclamation, but if it is thinking about God, I keep it to myself. People express joy in different ways. I believe there can be visible joy in which you show the whole world, slightly visible joy where you give small hints that you are joyous, and non-visible joy, in which you feel joyous, but you do not show it at all. The way someone expresses joy depends on the person, the amount of joy, or both. 

Once again, I believe joy is caused. Can people cause it? Of course! There are different ways to spread joy. For example, you can make someone laugh, give them appreciation, or many other things. A common way to spread joy is having the same interests as someone. People usually find joy with people sharing the same interests. For example, if someone finds a friend, it brings them not only joy, but someone to communicate with causing more joy.  

Every day, joy is shown by the people around us, but not just the people. Joy is universal. Personally, joy is shown in my everyday life through almost all my life. I see humans radiate joy, animals radiate joy, and I like to think that God is also filled with joy. Joy can be found everywhere. Joy is in all of our everyday lives; we just have to look and be open to it.