Mary’s Meals

As we prepare for Thanksgiving and all of the delicious food we love to eat, let us consider those who are less fortunate. CTN has partnered with Mary’s Meals and Students Rebuild on the Hunger Challenge which addresses food insecurity around the world. Take the challenge by illustrating your favorite recipe or by drawing out the steps to end world hunger. For each recipe entered, Mary’s Meals with receive a $3 donation to fight world hunger.  See the Hunger Challenge Resources Making Art Guide.

What you will need:

  • A team leader, name, and photo (can be a mascot or of the school)
  • Your school’s address (for others to see your work!)
  • Creativity and passion and teamwork!

How to Participate in the Hunger Challenge:
Create illustrated versions of recipes that reflect culture, community, and connection. Enter your recipes at Student’s Rebuild and help Mary’s Meals raise $3 for each recipe your team creates!  

Recipes can include:

  • Real Recipes from Our Families, Cultures, and Communities: Write out step-by-step instructions to prepare your recipe.
  • Create “Recipes” for Stronger Communities: Write a recipe for addressing hunger in your community or for building kindness and compassion.

How to register and enter your recipes:

  1. Click the registration link below to begin.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Select a TEAM LEADER (a homeroom teacher).
  4. In the “How did you hear about us” section, choose OTHER & write CTN.
  5. Choose a TEAM name for your class. 
  6. Enter your school’s address (for the interactive map!).
  7. Confirm registration with email.
  8. Start creating art.
  9. Take a photo of your recipes to upload with your recipe entry. 
  10. Enter the number of recipes you created on your team’s page.

Submitting Work:

  • Teams can create as many recipes as they want!
  • You can submit artwork by mail or by entering recipes on your team’s page.
  • If sumbitting digitally, don’t forget to take photos of your recipes before you enter them on your team page.