Attached please find information concerning the Math Bees for 2013-14.  The School Registration Form is included in the Site Registration Letter.  The deadline for the Curriculum Department to receive the registration form has been changed to November 20, 2013.  Please make note of deadlines for sending the name of your school’s winner to our office.


Also attached are the math bee rules for this year and the roles and responsibilities for the Math Bee judges.  Any school registering for the Math Bee MUST include the names of teachers capable of performing judging duties at a regional math bee.

2013-2014 Math Bee Rules

MATH BEE Roles and Responsibilities 2013

The math rounds for both the Upper School Bee and Middle School Bee are still under revision and will be posted in the Curriculum folder shortly.  We apologize for the delay, however, we want to be sure that the rounds correspond to the Common Core Standards and that there are no discrepencies within the rounds.

Please contact me should you need further information.

Cathy Kenny