As you set out to plan your units for the new academic year.  The Learning Targets a/k/a “I can…..” statements are an essential piece of the common core puzzle that will help you, and your students, bring the pieces of the NYS Common Core Math Standards together.

The Learning Targets take each math standard, paraphrase it in student friendly (teacher friendly) language.  In addition, they show a specific example and show one way to assess the standard.

In order to locate the Learning Targets go to the Diocese of Brooklyn Math Live Binder by following these steps:

1.  Go to

2.  On the top right of the screen, hit the Search for a Binder button and enter:  Diocese of Brooklyn

3.  Click on Diocese of Brooklyn Math Livebinder

4.  On the left side of the page, click on the tab that says Math Standards Resources

5.  Click on the tab that says CCSS Learning Targets

5.  On the left of the page, locate the grade level

6.  In the middle of the page, you will find links to the Learning Targets in two different formats (11×17 or 8.5×14), choose one and click.

Other important resources include the Common Core Curriculum Overviews for Math.  These resources provide pacing calendars as well as resources for the different grade levels:

Grades P – 5 Story of Units

Grades 6 – 8 Story of Ratios

A great deal of information has been added to the website over the summer months.  Check EngagaeNY frequently for updates!

The Diocese of Brooklyn Livebinder is also a great resource for your math teachers.  Encourage them to use it!

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

All the best for a successful new academic year!


Mr. Anthony Biscione

Senior Deputy Superintendent of Schools