Recently, two modules were posted on the Engageny web site.  They  are:

Grade 2 Place Value, Counting, Comparison of Numbers 1000  

313 pages 25 days (including assessments)

Grade 5     Addition and Subtraction of Fractions    

276 pages 22 days (including assessments)

Since these documents are very lengthy.  I recommend sharing them electronically.  

These are the first of many modules that will follow.  You will notice that the modules are divided into lessons.   Each lesson is approximately 60 minutes and is formatted accordingly:

Fluency Practice (average of approximately 10 minutes per lesson)

Concept Development (average of approximately 30 minutes per lesson)

Application Problems (average of approximately 10 minutes per lesson)

Student Debrief (average of approximately 10 minutes per lesson)


Note: The time allotments are averages and vary from lesson to lesson.

Read the Overview carefully.  Pay close attention to the:

Focus Grade Level Standards

Foundational Standards (is applicable)

Focus Standards for Mathematical Practice 


Note:  The  modules contain SPRINTS and CHORALS which in essence are speed drills and oral drills designed to help students build fluency.  I will be happy to provide an update following our next St. John Neumann Principals’ Professional Development Day if people are willing to stay around.


Teachers may use the lessons as presented or they may tweak them as most will do to meet their needs.  Regardless, they should be carefully reviewed and studied to assure that teachers understand the concepts and skills that students are expected to know and be able to do.  Take note of the focus, depth, coherence and rigor in the lessons.


Additional Note:  Teaches and principals should be checking the Engageny web site on a regular basis.  The Network Training tab is a good place to start.


In addition to the Network Training, I highly recommend that you explore the Video tab and selections.  Each of the video clips addresses a different facet of the common core and provides an opportunity for teachers to view common core practices in action!


As always, should you have any questions or desire further assistance please give me a call.

Wishing you and those you love a blessed Christmas and a happy and healthy 2013!


Mr. Anthony Biscione

Deputy Superintendent of Schools

R. C. Diocese of Brooklyn