Math Bowl 2017


Happy 5th Anniversary Math Bowl!


Attention All Diocesan Teachers...


drum rollThe official results of the Brooklyn and Queens Math Bowl 2017 are here.  Thank you to all participating Schools, Teachers and Students!


  USA_Math_Bowl_Brooklyn_Queens_SocialImg_1000x350_v1_2017-2 The Math Bowl is a friendly Mathletics competition between Brooklyn and Queens schools.  It is a fun way to sharpen skills before the NYS exams as well as motivate students in Mathematics through technology.  

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  The Winners of Math Bowl 2017 will receive:
  • A Classroom Plaque and Pizza Party --  awarded to the top five classes in the diocese, regardless if they are from Brooklyn or Queens.
  • Winning Class Certificates -- awarded to the top class in each grade -- from Grade K through 8. 
  • Students who earn over 1000 points during the competition or warm-up period will be awarded a Digital Bronze Certificate (printed by each student through the Mathletics student console).  
To allow fair competition between schools of different sizes, class points are calculated on an “average points per student” basis. For example, a school of 500 students scores a total of 1,000,000 points during the competition. Their league table ranking would be based on an average of 2,000 points per student.  For the Rules and FAQ's of Math Bowl 2017, please click here.  The competition will run through Mathletics, a service of CTN.
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See Math Bowl 2017 in Action


ST. PETER     One of the Top 5 Math Bowl 2016 Winners -- St. Peter Catholic Academy - Homeroom 7