Adrien Russo

Most Precious Blood School

Grade 3

 Viewing their Mathletics Wall gives the students the personal satisfaction that their work and effort has value and is recognized. They look for their certificates, badges, their printouts (with avatar) when they list among the Top USA 100 Students and the printouts when their class lists among the Top USA 50 Classes. 

Smartboard posts when listed on the Top USA 100 Students or Top USA 50 Classes brings immeasurable satisfaction.  Besides the Math knowledge and skill gained, a positive Math attitude develops through the many activities including the purchases for their avatar.  The friendly and entertaining Live Math competition brings play and skill together.  The students recognize that their speed and accuracy improve and strive for Human Calculator status.  The APPs make the program portable and provide greater ease for the students to achieve their weekly goal of a certificate.


 Reaching individual needs for practice, review, and enrichment is accomplished through the teacher and student friendly design of this one program.  The program is self corrective.  Viewing the number of correct responses enables the teacher to post activities to the student’s needs and strengths.  While within the Common Core realm the teacher can reach into the Mathletics’ resources to design a program unique to the class or an individual student.  The Read Aloud, Help, the Something Easier and Something Harder choices, the Dictionary, and the Concept Search, Problem Solving, Time Tables Toons, and Rain Forest Math features further the effectiveness of the program.    

1st Place Winning Class MathBowl '14

1st Place Winning Class
MathBowl ’14

 Many online activities can be used as a whole class Smartboard presentation before dividing into groups for problem solving application.  Group problem solving activities can focus on the worksheets printed from the Mathletics’ eBooks or those activities designed by the teacher.  The Mathletics program, both online or the eBook, is CCSS aligned. 

 Engaging parents to support their child’s Mathletics participation is part of the September and January Parent Meetings.  Provided information includes the parent email registration, APPs information, and statistics showing the effectiveness of the program.