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Students Back in the Classroom

By Erika Lizano Grade 8

Erika Lizano Grade 8After being out of the classroom since November, good news comes to 56 students in middle schools across the five boroughs. Students in New York City Middle Schools will start returning to in person learning beginning February 23.The plan will begin with some students returning in the hopes that they can safely return students after the Mid-Winter Recess which is from February 12 through February 21.The city still doesn’t have a plan to open the high schools in New York City. Many parents have decided to let their kids go to school, about 70%, they feel the schools are safe environments for their kids. The remaining students will continue with remote learning. These parents are fearful that the students will spread COVID-19 and that students will bring the virus into their home.

It’s possible that by the end of this month, 250,000 students will return to in person learning. Some schools will be able to accommodate their students everyday, while other schools will follow a blended learning schedule. This means that students will be in the school building on scheduled days and at home on the remaining days participating in remote learning. These schools will follow safety protocols including: social distancing guidelines, school wide testing and proper health screenings on arrival. Students across New York City look forward to returning to school and being reunited with their classmates.