The Tablet Jr. > November 2021

By Anne Talbott, Grade 4

Anne TalbottAnne Talbott interviewed a teacher, Mrs. Amanda to talk about how Covid- 19 affected teachers.

Anne Talbott, a 4th grader, interviewed a teacher, Mrs. Amanda. Mrs. Amanda teaches at Bronxdale High School. Mrs Amanda has been teaching for 7 years . She teaches 11th and 12th grade. Mrs. Amanda loves teaching in the classroom.

When Covid hit it affected the teacher’s work because when you are online it is harder for a teacher to check the students work or tell if the students are paying attention. It’s hard to tell if the students understand what you are teaching or if they are doing other things while they should be paying attention. Covid made it hard because teachers and students had to deal with a pandemic. This made it much harder for teachers and students to communicate with each other. Nothing like this has happened before so everything was different because now the whole class was online. The good news is Mrs. Amanda’s class had already used google classroom before so they knew what to do. Many other teachers had to learn how to use technology like this which was very hard. Not all students had the right electronics to do the work at home and some internet did not work.The teachers are heroes during Covid because they had to be patient with students online. They also worked the whole time so kids wouldn’t stop learning and had to make sure the students were all doing well at home. Teachers did a great job helping students learn and if they didn’t it would have been much harder for kids. Many teachers had their own kids home to help with school but still had to teach online. Not everyone had good space to work at home especially if they had siblings or parents at home too.

One good thing that came out of Covid was that kids still got to learn and see their friends online. Mrs. Amanda said one good thing that came out of Covid was that there was no traffic in the morning!