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By Angelina Cardaci, Grade 4

Angelina CardaciMrs. Conlan, the principal of Sacred Heart Catholic Academy talks about how Covid- 19 changed everything.

On October 27, 2021 at Sacred Heart Cathloic Academy located in Bayside, Angelina Cardaci interviewed Mrs. Conlan who is the principal of the school . Mrs . Conlan has been a principal for three years at this school .She goes into work from 7:00 am to 4 pm and sometimes works from home.. Once Covid hit she said “it was hard to keep my students safe”.

Mrs. Conlan said it is hard sometimes because you work with a lot of people . She also said that she needs to keep up with her students and see what they are learning. Covid came and affected everyone and this pandemic has made it difficult. She stated that she needs to make sure that the students are following the COVID rules. Mrs. Conlan said that she loves being a principal in a Catholic School. Mrs. Conlan says she deals with a lot of health issues from COVID, which is not what is not what a principal normally does. She also stated that her job can be fun sometimes because she gets to meet a lot of new people. Mrs. Conlan said she has to go on a lot of zoom and google meetings for work. A lot of the time she has to go zoom for students so she can meet their parents. Mrs. Conlan said she had a principal that she worked for and she said it was fun to do that job. When she got older she wanted to experience what it would be like to become a principal. She wanted to know how it is to work as a principal, how to keep the students safe and teach kids the importance of learning and following the rules.

Everyone loves to have her as a principal. She has kept us safe during these difficult times. We are reminded of how hard she works everyday.