How my Family Brought Me Joy!

Noah Craballo, Grade 6

Joy is something that is naturally inside you; it’s a very amazing emotion.Joy is something that you don’t have to learn but it’s something that you can teach others about. My parents had so much joy when God gave me life.Five years later God gave our family another child. My little sister and I were so happy because there was another kid in the house that I can spend time with every day.

    In the beginning of this essay I said that joy is an amazing emotion. People that read this essay are going to say Noah why is joy such an amazing emotion ? The reason why joy is such an amazing emotion is because you can experience joy with others.Joy is something that you can’t lose but it stays with you forever.As we get older we will have less,and less joy.But when we look at pictures of us when we were younger joy will flow into our body’s like a river of water. 

    Quarantine hasn’t been bringing much joy to us but I know for a solid fact that the power of God will help us get past this pandemic.I know this year was a very tough year but since this year was tough we have toughened up more. Ever since then I found so much joy in everything I do. I’m so happy that god made me so that I can experience life and I hope that the person reading this will find joy in reading this essay.Have an amazing blessed day and let the lord be with you.