This September, when teachers came back to school they were greeted with a new Mathletics platform. Mathletics is our lead digital resource at CTN.  Approximately 90% of our schools are using Mathletics. Mathletics rolled over the classes during the first week of school and we all took off running!  CTN held two Introduction to Mathletics workshops.  We had a waiting list in Queens so we had to open a third workshop on Tuesday, October 17th.  Teachers are eager to learn more about the new platform! The enthusiasm to use Mathletics instructionally in the classroom is a pleasure to witness!   So far here are some of the teacher-shared highlights:  easier to assign, cleaner/modern look, ebook/Library resources for teachers, and the improved Avatar designs.

However, nothing is perfect and we have had a few disappointed teachers.  Some teachers were accustomed to the old platform, so they are struggling.  Look no further than OptionC or on to get a listing of PDs either as Diocesan PDs or Mathletics Webinars.  Although we encourage you to begin using Mathletics New Platform we understand that some things have yet to be updated on the new Mathletics.  The two that stand out the most are : the limited assessments on the new platform and the inability to set minimum levels on MathLive from the new console.

Please share your thoughts with us.  The best feedback always comes from the daily users!

submitted by: Laura Hickey, Instructional Media Specialist