New Year’s Resolution For Teachers

As we enter the eve of a new year 2012, this is a good time for teachers to start the new school year with a new slate:  Getting to that lesson plan you never got to, working on that bulletin board that desperately needs an upgrade, ordering more school supplies, reaching out to parents, putting more focus on upcoming State exams, differentiating more strategies for your students’ lessons – so that you meet their individual needs, registering for required educational credits, or just finish reading that book you never got to…

Whatever it might be, professionally or personally – the New Year is the time to do it!  Enjoy your week off, and don’t forget to meet all your New Year’s resolutions when you get back.

Can CTN be one of your resolutions for the New Year? By providing interactive media-on-demand service, Learn360, online learning with Mathletics (for grades 3 & 4), and Clear 4G connectivity for more efficient use of the internet, CTN is always here to help you meet all your technological goals and needs for 21st century education expectations.