The Tablet Jr. > January 2022

By Graziella Arminio, Grade 7

Graziella ArminioIn the United States of America, there is an estimate of 553,742 homeless people. Especially in New York City, there is an interminable amount of homeless people. Personally, this theme means that we should use our best efforts to try and help these poor and vulnerable people. Unlike most people, homeless people do not have a safe and warm place to rest at night. They often find shelter in public places such as under highways and in parks. In cold places such as winters in NYC, homeless people spend their days freezing. This is something everyone should think of when they go to bed in their warm beds at night. More awareness needs to be brought to the poor people of our cities. An organization that supports New Yorkers in poverty is called the Robin Hood Organization. This organization supports homeless New Yorkers with families with low income. Homeless people in New York with children can be very tough. Especially when they see children with the new toys and phones which can be sad because they can’t have it. This organization is great for the homeless living in New York City. 

Not having a shelter is just one of the many problems poor and vulnerable people can face. Many poor people do not have enough money to feed themselves or their families. That means that there are millions of children starving because they are not fortunate enough to have a warm meal to eat. Not being able to afford clean and warm clothing is another problem the less fortunate face. This makes me feel very grateful to have food to eat and new clothes to wear. It is not right when people think that donating to the poor is trivial. While people don’t have any money of their own, our community believes in helping poor people in as many ways as we can. First, we can donate clothes and shoes that do not fit us to charity. Second, We should try not to judge people based on their appearance or what they eat because for all the community knows, that can be the only thing they have. Lastly, your family can donate money at supermarkets or at other stores when a cashier asks you if you would like to help for a better cause. If more people cared about the poor and vulnerable, it would make their lives easier. Apart from the community we feel that it’s our job as Catholics to spread awareness to everyone in our community.

Proverbs  states that “ Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed” ( Proverbs 19:17). The community and myself believe that God would be very proud that we as a community encourage everyone to donate. We could donate any items that are no longer used and clothing we no longer wear. The community and myself also encourage others to donate food and money and whatever is at their disposal. If the community continues to donate more people could germinate others into donating and getting people off of the NYC streets.