CTN really appreciates and values Ms. Victoria Bombe who has been a long time user and supporter of CTN media services.

On February 18, CTN presented Ms. Bombe and her 7th Grade class from Our Lady of Guadalupe in Bensonhurst Brooklyn – a free 32’’ flat screen television.  It was awarded to her class for her loyal dedication to CTN.

Her students are no strangers to our programs. They particularly enjoy watching some of the Social Studies and Religion programs such as In the Beginning, History In Focus, and Geography In US History.

Ms. Meringolo, School Principal understands and appreciates that learning through media is an effective approach to learning, and models this to her teachers.

Our Lady of Guadalupe currently uses ITV through their television sets and has implemented Discovery digital streaming through their interactive whiteboards to enhance their student’s learning experience.

Our Lady of Guadalupe has embraced media in their school and I am sure that they will continue to support CTN in many years to come.