Dear Mrs. Hickey,

My Name is Ms. Sue Jo Feeley and I teach Math to grades 5-8 at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Academy in Forest Hills.  This is the first year I have decided to try to use Mathletics and I absolutely love it!  I have assigned Mathletics homework to all of my classes as an automatic everyday homework in addition to their regular assignments.  I have told them to go on Mathletics everyday, even if it is for just the 60 second live Mathletics game.  I have also assigned a Test through Mathletics for each class as well.  I find it very helpful to look at the class reports to help me see their weakness and strengths.  I like the idea that students can get some practice with skills they might be weak in or get the extra challenge they may need to go further, each with success and at their own pace.  The students really like to challenge their classmates and compare their points with other each other.  I got a really positive response from the classes.  Sometimes at the end of class, I will hand out the iPads or spare computer and let them log onto Mathletics to challenge each other.  At some point in the future, I plan to put the class on our chrome books using Mathletics.

As a parent, I love Mathletics for my daughter, Caitlin, who is in the 6th grade.  She has always struggled in math, but enjoys going on Mathletics and playing games so she can earn points.  She really likes it when she earns a certificate.  It’s an awesome feeling when your child gets excited about doing math on their own.  The joy of seeing her play with success is great for boosting her confidence level, especially since she has such a hard time with math.


Ms. Sue Jo Feeley

Junior High Math Teacher

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Academy