The Tablet Jr. > January 2022

By Nathan Mercieca, Grade 7

Nathan MerciecaWe need to be more attentive to the fact that we need to focus more on poor and vulnerable people. The theme, caring for the poor and vulnerable, means a lot to me personally. It means that people who are less fortunate need to help them a lot. We need to take responsibility and help other people. My school, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy in Astoria, Queens, has done many things to help people less fortunate than us. We have fundraisers such as the Little Sisters of the Poor and the March of Dimes to help and care for people. Jesus also shows examples like caring for the sick and performing miracles.

During the last 18 months and a half, we have seen the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and all the restrictions that have been put into place as a result. People have become unemployed and were forced to work from home, and some people even lost their houses. This theme speaks to me during this time in our lives. There are many days where I see people on the streets homeless. It’s sad to see these things because people used to have houses and extraordinary lives, and now they don’t and are lost, which is a horrible sight. It is hard to see this happen in our communities because people have to beg for money, and it is hard to build your life back up to the way it was before this pandemic or, in general, if they lost their original lives.

Jesus’ examples link with this because Jesus cared for those and tried his best every day to help those in need. For instance, in the story of Mark 10:46-52, Jesus helped a blind man regain his sight. Here is what happened- “Bartimeus is given as the name of a blind beggar, whose eyes Jesus Christ opened as He went out from Jericho on His last journey to Jerusalem.” This relates to the theme of this topic because, like Jesus, we care for the sick or people in need or less fortunate. For example, I feel it’s my job as a Catholic to spread awareness to my community. I encourage everyone to try to help others in need.