Our Services


EducationCity provides engaging student activities and teaching resources correlated to state and Common Core standards for Pre-K through 6th grade in Language Arts, Math, and Science. Teachers can use this web-based classroom solution to provide their students with individual, group, or whole-class instruction through a wide assortment of tools created to support their unique classroom needs. Learn More.


Learn360 is a video streaming service providing educational web-based learning aligned with the CCSS through videos, images, audio clips, and other forms of multi-media for PreK through 12th grade. Teachers can easily personalize instruction by creating assignments and quizzes using the many tools available on Learn360. CTN has created a number of documents to help teachers navigate through the many applications of Learn360. Learn More.


Mathletics is an engaging e-learning resource providing curriculum-aligned content, live fluency activities and targeted adaptive practice – coupled with powerful teaching resources, diagnostic testing and assessments. This targeted, individual, and highly effective learning resource is now provided to K-8th Grade math teachers and students. Learn More.

Clear 4G Wi-Fi Now Sprint

CTN has a unique relationship with Sprint (formerly Clear) that enables us to offer 4G Internet devices to faculty, administration, and staff of educational entities served by the Brooklyn diocese – at no cost. A selection of modem and mobile devices are available. National standards call on teachers to design and develop digital-age learning experiences and assessments. Sprint Wi-Fi facilitates learning centered on content, collaboration and connectivity. Learn more about Sprint.