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Learn360 is a video streaming service providing educational web-based learning aligned with the CCSS through videos, images, audio clips, and other forms of multi-media for PreK through 12th grade. Teachers can easily personalize instruction by creating assignments and quizzes using the many tools available on Learn360. CTN has created a number of documents to help teachers navigate through the many applications of Learn360. Learn More.


Freckle Math:    Students start off with a diagnostic and practice at their own levels. Teachers can assign and assess specific standards. Fluency is strengthened with adaptive fact practice. Customizable benchmark assessments and data to differentiate lessons.  Inquiry-based real-world lessons and questions. Learn More.


Freckle ELA:  Perfect article for every student at their own reading level. Passages include reading comprehension questions and writing response prompts. The Word Study levels word practice in reading, writing, and spelling. Detailed progress reports and reports.


Clear 4G Wi-Fi Now Sprint

CTN has a unique relationship with Sprint (formerly Clear) that enables us to offer 4G Internet devices to faculty, administration, and staff of educational entities served by the Brooklyn diocese – at no cost. A selection of modem and mobile devices are available. National standards call on teachers to design and develop digital-age learning experiences and assessments. Sprint Wi-Fi facilitates learning centered on content, collaboration, and connectivity. Learn more about Sprint.