The Tablet Jr. > April, 2021

By Sofia Erato, Grade 4

Developing my fear

Sofia EratoWhen I was four years old, I watched a trailer for a scary movie named “Annabelle.” I was sitting in the kitchen watching T.V. with my grandma when she told me there was a new movie “Annabelle,” then she showed me the trailer and I was very scared. The doll in the movie looked dead and would talk scary and even moved around. After this, I was afraid to go upstairs in my house alone. Every time I went upstairs I needed someone to come with me otherwise I wouldn’t go. I also wanted to be in the same room as someone all the time. If I heard the radiator go on in one room, I would immediately drop what I was doing and get out of the room because I was so scared and thought Annabelle would appear. It wasn’t always easy to get someone to come with me if they were busy doing other things. Sometimes I would even have to beg.

How I overcame my fear

Sometimes if nobody would come with me, I would force myself to go upstairs alone but my heart was beating like crazy. I wanted to feel comfortable so I would sometimes bring a toy with me upstairs or my iPad. This helped me a lot because it distracted me from thinking about any scary things and kept me thinking of happy things. Sometimes when I was scared though I would run as fast as I can back downstairs. Sometimes I couldn’t fall asleep when my sister was downstairs (we share a room.) I wanted to be able to fall asleep so I would shut my eyes and try and fall asleep as fast as I could. The more I practiced these things the more I got used to them. It took time for me to realize that the movie was all fake and there was nothing to be afraid of.

When the fear comes back

There are other times that I saw scary things on T.V. but I remember my techniques and use them again to help me get over my fears and remember that it’s all just a movie and not real or based on anything true. I always remember not to think of scary things even though I can’t always stop them from getting to my head. It is just important to remember that there are many ways to help myself overcome it.