The family TiVo was in overdrive during the Papal visit. Yes, I watched just about everything Pope Francis. When watching live, I had a bit of the remote control twitch, switching back and forth between channels. From what I saw, NET had the most real, engaging coverage.  I was so impressed by what DeSales accomplished.  With techies and on-air talent city hopping – CNN aint got nothin’ on us!  I am very proud of the association CTN has with DeSales and to have such talented people as our colleagues.

The JFK arrival was Brooklyn best on a number of levels.  As I watched various members of the DeSales team come into view, what started off with shouts of – there’s Craig!, is that Vinny?, look how close Ed is to the Holy Father! …. quickly turned into a scream of disbelief when the Pope doll got into the hands of the real Pope. CTN’s part in the multi-month preparation and coverage was small in the larger scope, but we were certainly proud to have that moment. Laura’s phone nearly blew up from teachers and friends contacting her that night. I have to thank my team for coming up with a project that could engage kids on their level – at the very beginning of a school year.   As moms, we knew that even the pre-teens wouldn’t pass up a moment to take a photo with the doll. In the end, it was a great catalyst to get them all talking and learning about the Pope- thanks Clara and Laura!

I can’t explain why this Pope affects me on such a personal level. For some reason, it is the images of Pope Francis that touch me the most. When I see him, I think of Jesus walking on earth – today. He is the ultimate WWJD reference. I am very proud to be a Catholic – thank you Pope Francis!


Gina Krainchich, Director of Educational Media Services