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Lessons Plans and Resource Guides

Pope Francis chose the name “Francis” because St. Francis of Assisi was a man of peace, a man of poverty, a man who  loved and protected creation.  Pope Francis was quoted as saying during the conclave, “When the matter became dangerous, he comforted me.”

Learn360 Resources connected with the Pope and various themes of the Papal visit:

  • The Life of Pope Francis:  (Grades:  All – Run Time:  4 minutes) —Description:  In order to help Catholics around the world learn more about Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, this animated video will answer the questions:  Who is he?  Where did he come from?  What is he like?
  • Happy Anniversary Pope Francis!:  (Grades:  6-8 – Run Time:  2:40) —Description:  Happy Anniversary Francis!  This video was produced for Youth Day 2014 at the Religious Education Congress in Anaheim, CA.
  • Family:  (Grades:  K-3) — Description:  How does caring for our environment relate to Family & Community.
  • The Holy Family:  (Grades:  3-5) — Description:  “Home is the first school of Christian life.”  This program discusses the importance of family in our Catholic faith.
  • Family Fun-Bedbug Bible Gang Series:  (Grades PreK-5) — Description:  This program features Bible family stories such as:  Miriam and Moses, Ruth and Moses, Ruth and Naomi, and Mary and Martha.
  • Inside the Vatican:  (Grades 6-12 – Run Time:  56:30) — National Geographic Series (Video Clips Available) — Description:  A Fascinating documentary that reveals a world rich in history, tradition, and faith.  It provides a rare glimpse inside the Vatican community.
  • One Child/Big Family:  (Grades 4-8 – Run Time:  23:47) — Description:  Two girls switch “families” and learn more about each other, their families, and themselves. (Video Clips Available)
  • Every Family Is Unique:  (Grades 6-8 – Run Time:  1:47) — Description:  This video clip shares a list of things needed within the family unit to strengthen family ties.
  • Me and My Family:  (Grades PreK-3 – Run Time:  9:48) — Description:  This show explores the nature of families – immediate and extended.
  • Exploring Communities Series (28 short clips)  (Grades PreK-5)  Sample clip:  Traditions (Run Time:  1:57) — Description:  This is a series that explores different communities in our world today.  Aligns with the Social Studies curriculum.
  • WOW-A Catholic Game Show – The Pope (Segment 1)  (Grade 3 – Run Time:  8:05)  Description:  A Catholic game show featuring three rounds of three third graders answering host Fr. Reed’s questions that have significance in Catholic teaching about The Pope. Print out the resource guide prior to viewing and play your own round of WOW in the class room.

Art Resources:

Pray for Me Coloring Page

Pope in the USA Mural

Additional Resources:

Transcripts of all US Papal speeches and homilies

Transcript of spontaneous address to youth in Cuba

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