Will ebooks replace paper books?   Not yet,  according to Scholastic statistics published in  2015.  Based on the survey, 65% of children aged 6-17 prefer to read in print.  eBooks have not been completely adopted by schools either.  According to a 2015 School Library Journal survey about 56% of school libraries have ebooks available to their students.

Which format works best in a school system?  Technically the two formats are similar because both allow students to read! As teachers that is our BIGGEST challenge!  It’s the text that is important not the format, however the debates have begun. Please read the pros and cons and participate in our poll.


The Paper Book                                                                                The eBook

easily obtainable                                                                                 easily readable (zoom, letter resize)

portable                                                                                                easily portable (multiple books at once)

do not cause eye strain                                                                       environmentally friendly

cheap                                                                                                    lighting conditions

tactile learners need to touch the book                                           device in hand (modern day tool)

easy to flip back to monitor meaning                                              read more often because of convenience



bulky and heavy                                                                                eye strain

light source needed                                                                          Power needed (battery life)

notes are forever                                                                              Cost/ device + books

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Thanks for participating in our poll…please take a class vote as well!

-Submitted by:  Laura Hickey, Instructional Media Specialist