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How has BLM changed the world?

BY Naarah Joseph  Grade 7 Midwood Catholic Academy The definition of peace is the feeling of having love, kindness, and respect for one another. This means never judging someone by their race or their ethnic background. Peace is a gift that was given to us by God at the beginning of time. We make peace with our neighbors, friends, and civilians that walk the streets every day.  We have heard many people talk about peace and how we show peace.  In the past year, police brutality, Covid-19, and the Black Lives Matter have taken the world by storm. People are dying daily, leaving families crying due to covid. Black men and women held against their will, essentially having their rights violated while being accused of things they didn’t even do. The BLM was started to help protect and bring peace to the black community from the racial injustice happening here in America. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice, and Trayvon Martin are examples of people who have died due to mistreatment.     People have tried to stop racism, people even stand against it, but we need to work together to do more. Now we are coming together as a community and supporting the expression of peace amongst lives that matter. Peace is something that lasts forever. Humans show stability in many ways, such as caring for others no matter who or what they stand for so long as it brings good to one another. Additionally, now with Covid-19 surging, protests are frowned upon. When people protest, they do not remain socially distant, leading to a rise in cases.  However, those standing on the Black Lives Matter movement lines are protesting to have their voices heard. God brought us into the world to not only love one another but also to help everyone live together and be peacemakers. In order for this to occur, we have to work together as a human race. A famous slogan of the BLM movement is, “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!”. The saying is vital to understand because bringing justice is just as important as bringing peace. Without justice, we are unable to find peace. We have the Bill of Rights to follow, in the same way, God gave us the Ten Commandments. God gave us the Ten Commandments to make peace. If we don’t create peace, more and more people will end up hurt and in sorrow. We can all unite together and bring peace and harmony.    Peacemakers, which come in all shapes and sizes, go around the world to show and tell people what it means to make peace. We can do this too with your help. We can offer the world how we can love one another equally without thinking about a race, religion, or gender, but rather seeing what is inside that person.  Every day brings a new journey leading to a new path, but it is up to us to decide whether we will choose to make the better decision that leads us one step closer to peace for all.        Some may say the past was “simpler times” especially after the past year we went through. 2020 experiences included covid, political problems, and racism but that’s just a scratch on the surface to it was like many years ago. Many will argue that racism, sexism, and hate crime in general in America was far worse. We can appreciate how far we have come, but with all of that said, we still have to make changes to bring peace to all. In the past, people were fiercely judged by the color of their skin and seen as less than. Black people couldn’t use the same bathroom as white people or go to the same school or restaurant. However, historical peacemakers, such as Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Leo Tolstoy, and John Lennon come in. Out of the billions of people on earth, these people stepped up and helped out. They were the change agents that let their voices of peace be heard for those that were silenced. For example, Martin Luther King Jr wanted a world of equal rights and peace. He was the leader of the civil rights movement and from 1955 to the day of his death in 1968 he fought to make America equal. Another specific example of a peace hero who helped end slavery is Gandhi. He was the leader of nonviolent resistance to campaign for India’s independence from British rule. It is because of these heroic people- the world is a more peaceful and just place today.    There are also many people in the 2000s who not only helped bring peace but were recognized for their contributions and won Nobel Peace prizes. One example of a peace hero from this time period is President Obama, who was the 44th President of the United States. He was awarded a Nobel Peace prize for extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people. Obama was an impressive peacemaker, who demonstrated multiple acts of compassion and diplomacy. One terrific act was creating Obama Care, which helped to provide health care to countless American citizens previously without it. Obama made huge advancements and made America a more peaceful place during his presidency while condemning acts of violence or hatred.  These are just a few peace heroes that made a difference. As a nation, we should turn to these people that laid the foundation of world peace one act at a time.  While the current events can be daunting at times, it is a blessing to know there are many people that are great examples of how peace is possible from past to present. Thanks to these heroes and the future heroes to come, we are closer than ever to being free and living in a compassionate and peaceful world.