Over the last few weeks, I have read several articles about “Personalized ” Professional Development.  This is what I have been saying for years!  Teachers, like our students, are all at different levels.  Whether we are referring to experience, classroom management, or  technology.  We have moved away from lecturing and “over” talking.  We encourage mini-lessons and students working independently, in pairs, or in small groups.  The teacher takes on the role of facilitator.  This is how teacher PD should be as well.

Here at CTN, we work with principals of focus schools to customize our PDs.  We realize that everyone’s level of comfort, skill, and instructional strategies is different.  Technology is constantly changing and we do our best to keep up with the trends and share them with you.  Our focus for 2017-2018 is to work with approximately 30 schools to develop principal, teacher, and student knowledge on CTN resources, Apple Classroom/Apps, and of course Google for Education.

I’m sure most teachers have experienced a Professional Development that was either a topic that they were very familiar with or something way over their head.  I think this customized PD will be a great way for teachers to feel that attending PD is truly to improve teaching and gain knowledge.  What are your thoughts?  Please share below.

-submitted by: Laura Hickey, Instructional Media Specialist