A look into how joy is felt amongst my friends. 


By: Oscar Almanzar 

Grade: 7


Joy is the inclination of satisfaction when you’re doing what you love. It’s the smell of you waiting for your food in the oven, The frozen yogurt on a hot summer day. Joy is seeing your best friends, or playing with your pet ,or simply watching a movie. Joy is completing a decent book or watching an intense show and discovering the mystery. It can be the sound of quietness murmuring to you in the dead of night about recollections that you haven’t contemplated in years.

I asked some of my friends how they feel about joy and this is what they told me. Joy is the comfortable tendency of home,the affection for a family and the obligation of friendship. Joy is the rush you get when you face a challenge and everything pays off. It’s getting a passing grade or winning a prize. It’s riding a bike or a swing for the first time or sledding on a hill on a cold day. It’s to make a fort or figuring out how to do your infuriating homework. Joy is when you score a point and the entire group supports you. 

Some people never get joy, some people don’t see joy as happiness rather than just a small bit of fun. We are all lucky and should be grateful for God. God is the one who woke us up this morning,  he saved us from sin and sacrificed his only son for us. That shows how much God loves us and he didn’t have to but he did out of the mercy of his heart, and to be honest we don’t deserve God at times. But he brings us joy in so many ways that only he can explain. We aren’t perfect, all of us sin in some way or another, but what’s important is that we keep on living and repent and follow the commandments. Some people don’t get the blessing of waking up in the morning, so it is important to thank God for all that we have. It’s all about the small things in life that make it so enjoyable. I hope you were able to reflect on what I have written today, and see the joy from your own perspective.