The Tablet Jr. > April 2022

By Romeo Fajardo, Grade 8

Romeo FajardoPollution happens everywhere around the world. There are many different types of corruption in the world, for example, water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution/land pollution, radioactive pollution, and many more. Let’s talk about water pollution. Water pollution is when the purity of the water goes bad. Water purity goes bad when chemicals, plastic bags, water bottles, and trash go into the ocean and contaminate it. That affects our ability to drink water. It can affect the sea, but it can also affect lakes, ponds, rivers, aquifers, and water. Another type of water pollution is called runoff. Runoff is when it disrupts a body of water‘s natural balance.

Let’s talk about air pollution. Air pollution is when harmful fumes and chemicals mix in the air. Some air pollution is a toxic gas that goes into our atmosphere. Vehicles can also be caused by burning material. Volcanoes, wildfires, dust, pollen, and factories are also causing air pollution.

Now I am going to talk about soil pollution/land pollution. Soil pollution/land pollution is when the ground or the land makes it so that it prevents the growth of natural life such as grass, plants, trees, etc. It can also prevent crops from growing. Soil pollution/land pollution also affects the animals’ habitats. Soil or land can also be polluted by industrial activities or by not correctly throwing away your waste or trash. Cleaning up soil pollution/land pollution takes a lot of time and is very expensive.

What is light pollution? Light pollution is when there is an excess of lighting in the street. Light pollution is when there is an area of over-illumination that is very noticeable. It is also considered pollution when it interferes with recording data about the observation of our universe. Light pollution is mostly in urban and other very populated areas. Light pollution can make it so that people can’t see the sky or night sky. Light pollution can also affect the birds. It involves the birds because it messes up their migration patterns and activities and affects the nocturnal animals.

Pollution affects many aspects of the environment which God created. It is up to us to make an effort to maintain God’s beauty which everyone throughout the world sees.