The Tablet Jr. > April, 2021

By Vanessa Manniello, Grade 3

Lead by Jesus’ example

Vanessa MannielloDuring the season of Lent, I made a sacrifice to give up playing a  specific app on my Ipad. This is an example of having self-control. Self-control means to control your emotions and feelings toward others or yourself.  I gave up my app because I have been buying new updates that cost real money.  I have been asking my dad every time when there is a new update. There is usually a new update every holiday.  I wanted to give up this app because I wanted to save this money to use it another time.

I have experienced many temptations especially when I am at the store.  My mom and I went to the toy aisle and I found a mini brand that I really wanted but she said no.  So I tried not to get mad. I did not get mad because I know there may be another time when I can get it.  This also happened with my dad when  I was upstate. My dad was looking for a shed to put on our property and while we were looking,  I asked if I could get one to make it into a little house for myself.  He said no because it was too expensive.  I tried very hard not to get mad.  I needed to have self-control when this happened.  I did not scream, yell or get upset.  I understood why my parents said no at that time.

There are many times at school that I need to have self-control.  During recess, my friends and I wanted to go on the slide but someone else was on it. I asked the other students who were using it if I could go down the slide. I needed to wait my turn and have patience. I could have gone to play a different game with my friends, but I decided to wait my turn. Being a student at a catholic school, I learn through Jesus’ example. Jesus wants us to be friends with everyone, and to be kind to one another. If I didn’t have the self-control I would not be the best person I could be. 

Self-control is an important characteristic people need in their daily lives. Each and every person needs to understand their emotions, thoughts, and actions. People need self-control to not get mad when something wrong happens. Everyone is tested but can overcome challenges as long as they have control. Self Control is something that you learn over time and is not born with. As you get older, through experience, you gain more control of yourself.