Today marks the 50th anniversary of CTN.   The winner of our WebQuest raffle is Most Holy Redeemer in Flushing, Queens. They  will be the recipient of a brand new media center- valued up to $100,000.  Mrs. Rogone and staff were very excited to hear the news!  I’m sure the students and parents will be even more excited!

I want to thank all the teachers,school administrators,and staff that took part in any or all the “50 for 50” contests.  As an educator I know how difficult  it is to balance time in and out of the classroom. As an educator and parent, I know how vital it is to embrace every opportunity possible to enhance the technology and instruction of my children.  So many of you took the time to celebrate with us throughout this school year. While taking part in our many contests you learned about our valuable resources, attended Professional Development, and you entered raffles for your students!  You should be commended.   Everything CTN offers is for YOU!  

Each day I work with teachers and principals that make me proud to be part of this Diocese.  You have my praise and thanks. 

-submitted by:  Laura Hickey, Instructional Media Specialist