Design your own Prayer Card


A prayer card is a tradition in the Catholic faith that commemorates a special event in the Church and can be kept as a keepsake. Soon, we will be welcoming a new bishop to the Diocese of Brooklyn. As we prepare for his Installation, CTN invites each school to create a prayer card.

To participate, we ask that you register by XXXXXX  Each school can submit ONE card using the template provided below.  CTN will choose THREE cards to be printed. All materials must be received by XXXXX, 2021.   ((((CONTEST ASPECT IS NOT YET CONFIRMED)))

 Download the New Bishop Prayer Card Template

2 Step Directions:

  • Design your own prayer card for our new Bishop in the space provided on the template. Students can use digital art tools or print the image and use traditional tools.
    • Draw symbolic images or a welcoming scene.  No words
  • On a separate sheet, create a prayer to welcome or honor the Bishop.
    • No more than 75 words (preferably typed or neatly handwritten). No image.


Suggested Activities

Although there is only one entry per school, below are some suggested activities for teachers.  (((This line Only applies if we do the contest)))

  • Research the history of prayer cards which date back to the 15th Century.
  • Create a prayer wall/bulletin board to display the student-created cards.
  • Recite one prayer daily in class/school.
  • Create a prayer card book for your parish/school community.
  • Keep a class or student prayer log





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