Becoming a Sage Leader through Christ’s Gift of Wisdom

By Gabriela Manna, Grade 8

St. Bernadette Catholic Academy

Gabriella Manna

As we grow older we grow wiser, but how do we acquire this wisdom? What is the secret behind being a sagacious person? Ultimately, there is no secret. Wisdom is acquired through a simple task, prayer. If you lead a life of prayer, you will enjoy a life of enduring wisdom. Prayer isn’t part of our relationship with God, it IS our relationship with God.

Our thirst for wisdom can be slaked with prayer. Wisdom, one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, inspires us to fulfill God’s Will. It inspires us to live a life of sanctity. Without wisdom, we wouldn’t be able to use our conscience to distinguish the difference between right and wrong.

Wisdom can be plainly stated as common sense. At Baptism, we are given the gift of wisdom to assist us in making logical decisions using our knowledge, another gift of the Holy Spirit. Wisdom also comes with experience. Our experience on our journey to the Lord in Heaven is all a part of His plan. God has planned our whole lives, and knows exactly what we need to do to follow through with this plan and conquer any problem. We just have to pray for the wisdom needed to complete this task.

When we celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation, we are completely filled with the Holy Spirit and its wonderful gifts. It is our responsibility after we receive the sacrament of Confirmation to ask the Lord to help utilize these gifts that we have just fully received. How do you ask the Lord for help? You pray to Him. It is that straightforward. Daily prayer with the Lord, asking Him how to use this beautiful gift of wisdom, also requires listening to the Lord. His words will come to you through patience and silence. If you are willing to trust His timing and believe His word, the wisdom you need will unveil itself. This wisdom is already within you, but it is not yet animated. You need God to fully uncover the true potential of the wisdom He has given you. All in all, we need wisdom in order to live a faith filled life. This is the only way we can truly appreciate the wisdom God has given us.